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Maxtla Colhua

Hello, my name is Maxtla. Mom and Dad named me after Maxtla Colhua, a character in the Maxtla Colhua mysteries. That’s a set of stories written by my Dogfather (similar to a Godfather, but with more chew toys), Michael Jan Friedman.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Hernán Cortés hadn’t conquered the Aztec empire? What if maybe he was just a historical footnote? That’s what Uncle Mike was thinking about when he wrote those stories. Maxtla Colhua is a police detective in a world where the Aztecs were never conquered and the empire now stretches across the continents which we know of as “The Americas”.

But here’s something neat. Go to Google and search for Maxtla Colhua. You’ll see a bunch of search results telling you about Uncle Mike’s books. (You should read them!)

And if you scroll down just a bit, you’ll find a bunch of photos related to the books. Plus, some pictures of a dog!

Google search results for "Maxtla Colhua"

Cabal and Other Irresponsible Invocations of The Muse


For any humans who might be reading this, that’s canine for “Uncle Mike – he’s my godfather – is putting together a book of short stories called Cabal and Other Irresponsible Invocations of The Muse and one of the stories is very important to me personally. You see, it’s about a fellow named Maxtla Colhua and…. Yeah, that Maxtla Colhua, the one I’m named after. So if you can help out and encourage your humans to help get the book into print, I’d really appreciate it.

“Uncle Mike” of course is better known as Michael Jan Friedman. This will be his 76th book and this is the sixth time he’s launched a book via KickStarter.